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ADIS Engineering

ADIS Engineering is home to wide variety of fiberglass products. Fiberglass is an immensely versatile material due to its light weight, inherent strength, weather-resistant finish and variety of surface textures.


Our division is well resourced with abilities and skills to tackle any project including bespoke projects in accordance to customer specifications and operational requirements. We offer full service from initial design concept, drawing or CAD model through to manufacturing and onsite installation. We are conversant with the GRP industry and are able to offer expert technical advice and solutions to various projects.

We pride ourselves by producing high quality fibreglass mouldings from scratch using a variety of materials combinations to suit your specific application. We use the latest composites technologies in both infusion systems and vacuum bag processes to produce products suitable for different environments.

Our work is made possible by multi-skilled workforce with various industry experiences that enable this division to deliver both generic and tailor made products to our customers at the right time without compromising quality. We exercise due professional care with careful consideration on best business practice and ethical requirements.

The division enjoys an accreditation membership of the South African Boat Builders Business Council and the plastic institute of South Africa (PISA) through the merger with Freddy Fibreglass CC.

We offer various products ranging from:

1. Automobile products

We are one of the leading sub-contractors to producers of specialised vehicles, custom-built conversions and exclusive canopy products in South Africa. Through our devotion to perfection, we have gained respect in the industry with our expertise which enables us to cater for any new developments in the motor industry. Our stylish new-generation fiberglass canopy aimed at the leisure market is full proof of our product development capabilities.

2. Marine products

Our boat building projects have re-inforced time and again the credibility of our work in the marine engineering space. Our skilled team uses novel ideas that seek to improve efficiencies on our production processes resulting in affordable services to our clients. We are able to work with all sorts of materials from fibreglass to aluminium, steel and wood. Our quest is to establish ourselves in the industry as a black-leading enterprise which is a major contributor to African economy with global competitiveness in boatbuilding.

3. Customised products

Our dedicated, visual, detail-orientated, creative and artistic design and manufacturing team possess the abilities and skills to turn our client’s dreams into tangible realities. We work hand in hand with our clients to fully understand their needs and translate those into bespoke pieces of art tailored just for them. We provided solid advice to our clients with careful considerations to their needs with the aim to produce a state of the art product that will WOW our clients forever. We are able to service different types of industries including retail, energy, mining, construction, hospitality and security & safety industries.

Our skills and industry experience are able to extend beyond our current production line to other sectors where fiberglass application is vastly used including but not limited to the following sectors:

  • Aviation eg aircrafts
  • Engineering eg septic & water tanks, water-pipes
  • Building projects eg roofing;
  • Oil and gas eg wind turbine blades, containers
  • Household goods eg bath tubs and enclosures
  • Sports eg Pole vaulting poles, surfboards , High-end biscycles, water slides
  • Telecommunications eg Antenna covers and structures, such as radomes, UHF broadcasting antennas, and pipes used in hex beam antennas for amateur radio communications
  • Leisure eg swimming pool, water-slides and jacuzzi

Health and Safety

As commonly known, fiberglass irritates the eyes, skin, and the respiratory system with potential symptoms such as rush on the skin, sore eyes and throat, hoarseness and cough. Despite those, scientific evidence demonstrates that fiber glass is safe to manufacture, install and use when recommended work practices are followed to reduce temporary mechanical irritations

Hazardous Substances Ordinance in Germany dictates a maximum occupational exposure limit of 86 mg/m³ and our enterprise has taken the following steps to ensure the safety of our staff and protection of the environment:

  • We have a policy on health and safety where our employees are educated weekly on the fiberglass production processes and the impact on health.
  • We have installed effective extraction and filtration equipment to ensure safety and efficiency.
  • We are in the process of partnering with the department of health to freely examine our staff twice a year as part of employee wellness programme.
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