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ADIS Visual Displays

Are you looking to gain a competitive advantage in the retail space? Look no further as our visual merchandising services will assist you in adding value to your brand.  Our visual merchandising solutions are geared to communicate with customers through elements that stimulate their senses such as design style, colour, lighting, music, sensory inputs (such as smell, touch, and sound), television screens or digital displays which can influence the purchasing decisions of your consumers


Through our services, we are committed to build-up or augment our client’s store retail design thereby creating an attractive and appealing look to customers.

We offer two techniques ie interior and exterior displays, also known as in-store design and window displays with the aim to enhance your store environment, influence consumer behaviour and purchasing decisions. A customer friendly environment makes shopping easier for consumers and encourages buying and loyal customers.

Our in-store design technique is aimed at stimulating the store brand to attract customers whilst our window design technique provides a form of communication with customers which uses a combination of various elements such as lighting, colours, props, text, and graphic design to display goods, attract the attention of the customer and sustain a brand image.

From interior displays, we offer store layout, store design, point of purchases displays, item display, assortment display and signage. On exterior displays, we use elements such as creative colours to evoke certain emotions on consumers, lighting to illuminate the store providing an eye-catchy environment to consumers and repair mannequins for stores to easily display professionally their latest fashion trends to their target audience.

We use durable materials to offer our clients an affordable yet genuine quality service.

Our major services

1. Mannequin repair services
Our trained and qualified team specialises in repairs and refinishes of all mannequin styles and restore them to their original designs. We work with all brands from the polyester to the hard PVC and other hard thermoplasten. We understand that time is money as a result have adopted a just-in-time approach to our service delivery meaning our clients can be guaranteed of a reliable business continuity.

2. Steel works and customers coating manufacturing
Our skills encompass the full spectrum from conceptual and feasibility planning, to detail design, manufacturing, supply, installation and management of any steelwork project for display purposes in the retail space. Our division is currently in the process of using modern computer aided design techniques and structural modelling packages to better analyse all aspects in steelwork engineering.

3.Refurbishment and paint
Are you looking to revamp your store to give it a modern vintage look with a commercial edge with the customer in mind to boost your bottom line? Look no further since our qualified team of reliable and creative professionals are able to transform your dreams into realities. With solid experience in the industry and association with world-class brands, our incredible work driven by exceptional quality speaks for itself. We work hand in hand with our clients using modern advanced technological methods to transform their space into a more appealing environment where customers are constantly drawn by an aura which is refreshing with lasting impressions. 

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