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Skills developmemt and training

We continuosly strive to offer the best products and services to our customers and thus invest our resources fine-tuning our skills to compete relatively well in the industries we operate in, keeping up todate with the latest trends and morden conventions. 

The industries we operate in demands continuous improvements to product and services offerings and to some degree, adaptibility to latest technological advancements for product & service differentiation. Currently we provide in-house training to our own staff members with graet aspirations to roll-out such trainings to external candidates who might be looking for learnership to gain experiential training in the fields we operate in Our training approach is mainly focused on women empowerment, youth development and support to our African neighbouring brothers and sisters currently living in RSA. We have adopted this approach in support to African Union’s (AU) initiative of supporting the African Diaspora thereby promoting free trade amongst African countries where we can learn from one another with the aim of growing our economies to create sustainable wealth for the future generation. 

Our training programme seeks to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Creating a workforce that is strong and resilient to tackle any project with great speed, quality and detail orientation to product perfection.
  • Creating a workforce that is energised, motivated and appreciated for the contribution they bring to the company.
  • Equip our external intakes  with skills and resources to start their own businesses or be readible marketable for the job market
  • Facilitate the formal job employment for our external intakes after the completion of their programme. 

We constantly look for partners both in private and public sectors to assist in building a resilient economy that will sustain our future generation through skills training and entrepreneurship. All potential partners interested to invest in our programme are more than welcome to contact us.

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